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Pastor Martyce Murphy leads as Pastor of Keep the Promise Ministries, based in Naperville, Illinois with his wife, Dr. Nancie Murphy.  Pastor Murphy upholds the Ministry's Mission: to be a place where broken families can come and be restored, and the hopeless and discouraged can receive hope and encouragement.

Born in Chicago, Illinois and having spent most of his life in Belzoni, Mississippi. Pastor Murphy accepted his call into ministry in 2003. He holds a degree in Theology/Religious Studies.

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Pastor Murphy was licensed and ordained as Youth Pastor of Gospel Truth Life-Changing Ministries, Chicago, IL, under the leadership of Bishop Jeffery and Prophetess Jacqueline Davis. In January of 2009 Pastor Murphy became a member of Destiny Worship Center Church in Chicago, Illinois, under the leadership of Pastor DeAndre Patterson. While at Destiny, he served humbly as armor bearer, and gained a divine connection in meeting his help meet, Evangelist Nancie L. Stewart.

In late 2010 God spoke a word of change into Pastor Murphy’s life, which led him back with good standing to Gospel Truth Life-Changing Ministries. With this transition, Bishop Jeffery Davis placed him back into his previous leadership position as Youth Pastor for now-entitled sector, “The Word Works Church”. In the summer of 2013, God placed a higher calling on Pastor Murphy’s life - thus the birthing of the Keep The Promise Ministries.

Pastor Martyce Murphy is a man who TRULY loves God’s people. Together he and Evangelist Nancie Murphy enjoy the ministry of marriage and reside in the Western Suburbs of Chicagoland. They are the parents of five children.

Pastor Martyce's mission is to be contagious in true love for God's people while ever-walking in the forgiveness taught by Christ; and to see every person he comes in contact with empowered, encouraged, transformed and excited about life and God.

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